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Cypraeidae Cypraea Zoila (friendii complex) jeaniana sherylae

jeaniana sherylae

70,5 mm


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Australia (WA) › Point Quobba

Collected by Gary Wilson 2006, Depth 30 m, flat plateau reef. The shell features a fabulous dark overall color with fabulous spotting over the dorsum. Size is just over the 70mm threshold which is always a bonus. Has a faint blue frosting on the left margin separating the cream/ black spotted margins and the darker colored dorsum. The base is a very dark brown. A high and broad shell, this stands out along side other sherylae's. Grading for the shell is F+++ due to two, tiny specs on the dorsum (nacred over sand inclusions), clearly seen in the listing. Here is your chance to get a very good size shell, 70.5mm which presents very well.


jeaniana sherylae 07