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Cypraeidae Cypraea Muracypraea mus bicornis

mus bicornis

37,4 mm


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Venezuela › Paraguana Peninsula › Amuay Bay (Bay of Punta Fijo)

In fish trawl, 15-18m. White dorsum, 1 node on dorsum.This has to be one of the strangest specimens of Cypraea mus that we've come across. And it is also about the smallest one that we've ever had. The pale dorsum is most unusual and I don't recall ever seeing another one quite like it. The shell is in perfect condition. Those blue spots that you see in the brown streaky pattern near the posterior part of the dorsum are actually there but they are exaggerated by the light from our scanner. The shell was part of the Esmond B. Martin Cypraea Collection.


mus bicornis 04