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Cypraeidae Cypraea Zoila (friendii complex) thersites thersites

thersites thersites

70 mm


37,84 Euro

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Australia (SA) › Yorke Peninsula › Edithburgh

Very nice pattern by diver at 6 meters on sponge South Australia 2006.


thersites thersites 05

Cypraeidae Cypraea Contradusta hungerfordi coucomi

hungerfordi coucomi

38 mm


32,43 Euro

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Australia (QLD) › Great Barrier Reef › Half Moon Reef

Trawled in 240 meters Off Half Moon Reef Swain Reefs Queensland 2006.

* perhaps another ssp. - Thank you for your help Riccardo

hungerfordi coucomi 01


Cypraeidae Cypraea Contradusta hungerfordi hungerfordi

hungerfordi hungerfordi

40,5 mm


25,68 Euro

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East China Sea
Got wrong data. My estimation: East China Sea

Nice pattern trawled in deep water West Australia. Jan 2006.

ATTENTION: FALSE LABEL! ** I have bought hungerfordi bealsi and got hungerfordi hungerfordi. Wrong data dicovered by Riccardo. Discussed here: http://cowryforum.bboard.de/board/ftopic-41123903nx25725-259l

hungerfordi bealsi 01